高纯度小白菊内酯(Parthenolide, PTL),白色结晶粉末,纯度>99%,规格1g~1Kg,由天然植物提取精制获得. PTL为欧美传统草药FewerFew中活性成分,用于退热(Anti-inflammatory )、头疼(Anti-headaches)和关节炎(Anti-arthritis). 近期发现PTL具有抗癌症干细胞作用(Treat cancer stem cells),与之相关研究逐渐成为热点.

Product Information

1.     该产品库存长期有货,随时发货。

This product is always in stock and ready to ship.

2.     我们可以为您提供试用样品(5.0 mg, 99%min),但根据公司规定,需您支付邮寄费用;

Samples(5.0 mg,99%min) are free of charge , but according to our company’ policy, the costomer must pay the shipping cost.

3.     尚德药缘黄金产品之一,我们可以为您提供小白菊内酯:

a)     质量稳定>99%.

b)     产量有保证, 1~10 Kg per batch.

c)     极具竞争力的价格.

The one of Accendatech's major products, We can offer you Parthenolide with:

d)     Stable quality 99%  

e)     Reproducibility, 1~10Kg  per batch

f)      The most competitive price .

                            CJ.Qiu 2013-7-15